Thoughts for 2015 to go forward


Here is a quick post to start 2015. I will just drop some thoughts (as reminder for myself).

I want to be the change I want to see in others.

What I want to do in a near future

share more by writting more (more shorter posts - like this one)

read more books (my new iPad will probably help)

start to draw again (not just technical drawing for DIY stuff)

build durable stuff (I hate cheap stuff that break within a minute)

respect more and more every life forms (avoid all toxic/chemical shits that are everywhere, hello nanoparticles)

adapt myself to the environnement I live in (not the opposite)

give life?

What I will stop to do (or apply a higher rate limit)

having my main activity on a chair (by building my own rebel desktop)

feeding trolls (by focusing on going forward - others will probably look, wait and see what happens)

having conflicts (by keeping peace inside of me)

discuss form more than substance (no time to lose)

use google (because it really scares me)

continue to focus on open source projects (shared "intelligence")

use the terminal more (to end up like a hacker)

automate more and more (all painful tasks)

work on UI automated tests (because too few people do that)

I probably forget some interesting stuff. But it's better to write this short post than forgetting everything (by not doing this post).