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You need an awesome native app? You got lucky, I can help you with that. I know how to build fast & beautiful mobile apps with React Native that works perfectly on iOS, Android & even more platform. We can target the web, Windows, macOS... Just get in touch, I am available to listen to your needs!
David⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑Having collaborated with Maxime on several open source projects, I can attest that he is a knowledgeable and motivated frontend developer. Not only does he stay up-to-date with the latest tools and best practices: he actively contributes to them... Read more
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Fun story
Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar. The bartender says "Get out, we don't serve your type!"
Creative Development
Because I am an artist before being a developer, I will focus on offering the best experience to the user. That's what mather after all.
Driven by User Experience
Focusing on UX doesn't mean that compromises on what is under the hood are made. The right technologies have their responsibilities on the end result and they must not be neglected.
Depending on your need, I will always be sure to offer you what is best to achieve your goal. Wether you need an original design or something that will blend in the platform you want to support, I will be able to help you. When it comes to optimise user experience, I try to make websites & apps that don’t reinvente the weel so users can always find their way into your world.
I made my first website when I was a kid. I didn’t stop hacking things since then. I always try things to discover news stuff and learn everyday. Now I build websites & apps like a pro. My various experiences help me to make the right choice with technologies each time I have decision to take without doing all the mistakes I did in the past. Because I have done a lot of them (and we all know that learning from our own mistakes is the best way to go).
Mobile, Desktop & Web
By choosing the right technology, code can be shared across platforms. This means same code can be used to power an app on mobile devices, laptop and in any web browsers, mobile or desktop.
Cross-platform code
I build websites & apps that works on multiple OS & browsers because I care about everyone. Most of the time I use React Native, the same techology used by tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram, Twitter, Tesla & many more every day.
Fast Websites & Native apps
Building cross-platform websites & apps can be risky if not implemented with the right technology. React Native helps to use native apis & components under the hoods to ensure native experiences that can smoothly work on the web.