Hi I'm Maxime Thirouin,
a freelance front-end web developer
working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Maxime Thirouin portrait

Passionate web developer

I'm Maxime Thirouin, also known as MoOx. I am a french web developer living in Toulouse, France who likes to focus on client-side programming (mostly with JavaScript & CSS) on all devices.

I am available as Consultant Developer if you need a hand for some front-end architecture, huge CSS to scale or even JavaScript application. I like to work on front-end performance and adaptive/responsive web design.

Side projects I'm working on

  • cssnext, a CSS4+ to CSS3 transpiler that can replace a CSS preprocessor,
  • Putain de code !, a french community about code quality,
  • my dotfiles, to setup & sync prefs for my machines,
  • CSS Recipes, CSS reusable components ,
  • tab, a pretty replacement for about:blank (new browser tab),
  • HappyPlan, a static website generator based on Grunt,
  • D'Âme Bio, website of my wife where she shares (mainly) food recipes.

Portfolio coming soon !

Companies I have worked with

A few kind words from the Internet

A passionate professional, ambitious for solutions he implements. A good understanding of business needs related to applications he builds. And a pleasant collegue, even remotely.

If you're looking for a top-notch Sass & front end developer @MoOx is looking for a job

(said before I start as a freelance)

Maxime [...] was totally in charge for all the technical aspects of the E-commerce platform. Maxime is very reliable and with a great knowledge in development process [...].

More about my skills & endorsements or my recommendations on my Linkedin profile.