Maxime Thirouin,
a freelance front-end web developer
who loves his job

(Web) Developer


I like to work on front-end, whether it's for websites or web applications, using web technologies available, including HTML, CSS ( BEM methodology, CSS Modules, inline styles in React(-native) apps ) and JavaScript ( React, ES6/ES2015 and more with Babel, ), even with Node.js if accurate.

Whenever I develop, I also pay big attention to adaptive|responsive web design RWD and web performances WPO, to serve accessible content for each devices, regardless of the bandwidth available. I take care about accessibility to everyone, including search engines SEO.


I came from a software training, and used to work a lot on back-end using PHP (sometimes with the Zend Framework or Symfony), SQL 2 & 3 (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite...), and even SolR. I also did some C/C++ & Java (but that was a long time ago).

Now I prefer Node.js and use it even for front-end stuff (as a server, or mostly to handle commons task for my workflow) but I know where to use basic Shell to avoid unecessary tools.
I already coded some Ruby or Python scripts, but I've to admit that I am still a noob with these languages. I've even played with ASP, VB, PL/SQL, COBOL and ASMx86 !


Keywords ! Git, SVN, Apache, Unix (Mac OS X, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows, Atom, Sublime Text, Agile (Scrum & Kanban), Adobe Photoshop & Premiere...


  • Since 1999 - Making websites & using the web to learn new stuff everyday
  • June 2007 - Obtaining Pro License Intra / Internet Development - IUT de Rodez
  • June 2006 - Graduation degree in Computer Management - IUT de Blagnac
  • June 2003 - Obtaining the Baccalauréat - Lycée Le Ferradou


When I'm not speaking at a ToulouseJS or at an AperoWeb (still in Toulouse), I'm teaching web to fresh students & giving some talks sometimes at the UTI of Blagnac (university technology institute).

Recently, I created with some friends, Putain de Code !, a french community to share high quality posts about development (mainly web), in french.