MoOx likes to code,
& is an Open Source addict.


Most of the code I produce outside my missions is shared as Open Source, whenever it's possible. That's just because I'm an Open Source addict. I love to share.

Open Source projects

Here is a tiny list of the Open Source projects I'm working on:
  • Phenomic, a static website generator to create dynamic website using React components,
  • cssnext, a CSS transpiler that allows you to use the latest CSS syntax today,
  • Putain de code !, a community for passionate developers,
  • cssrecipes, CSS reusable components & utilities,
  • my setup, that contains all apps and prefs for my machines,
  • tab, a pretty replacement for about:blank (new browser tab),
  • D'Âme Bio, website of my wife where she shares (mainly) food recipes.